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Shaving and Pebbling

This is it–the night of our first bonspiel of the year! We lucked out over the past couple days, with our first truly below-freezing weather. We’re coming down to the wire, but thanks to the weather and our ice makers,… Continue Reading →

Circles and Lines

Ice is painted and additional coats have been misted on–which means it’s time for circles and lines! We had a great turnout of helpers. We appreciate everyone who came out! To start the circles, we have this handy-dandy cutter that… Continue Reading →

Painting the Ice

Now that the first big flood is out of the way, we can finally paint the ice! After a rough start with our pump, and the purchase of a new one, we were finally able to get our powdered paint… Continue Reading →

Making Ice While the Sun Shines

It’s November and there’s already activity going on at the Heather Curling Club! With several December events planned (the Rusty Shot Bonspiel, Curling, Cookies, and Cocoa, the beginner’s league, and early league), it’s important we get ice made! There’s a… Continue Reading →

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