It’s November and there’s already activity going on at the Heather Curling Club!


I think the stones missed us.

With several December events planned (the Rusty Shot Bonspiel, Curling, Cookies, and Cocoa, the beginner’s league, and early league), it’s important we get ice made! There’s a lot more to making ice than one would think!


Last week the sand under the ice was washed. This week, the frozen sand is becoming ice. Three times a day, our icemakers are at the club spraying thin layers of water over the sand.


It’s already starting to freeze!

The water freezes, and 6-8 hours later, the next layer goes down.


This is a time-consuming job; we’re hoping that we’ll have enough layers in a week to start painting and laying down circles. (Watch for an e-mail!)


The circles also missed us.

Do you know how we’re able to make ice on 55-degree November days? It’s all thanks to the compressor in the boiler room (you know, that room in the basement that says keep out? 😉 )


Pipes outside the club are full of a brine that freezes the ice. Looks pretty cool on the inside, right?


Oh, and have you seen our new ice shaver? We bought it last year. The shaver makes sure the ice is completely flat and free of impurities before the ice guys pebble.


Anyway, that’s it for now. Be sure to check out our Events page, and sign up for the Rusty Shot Bonspiel!