For any questions about events, bonspiels, and the club in general,
feel free to contact any member of the board.

2022-23 Season Board Members

Erik Magelee, president
(507) 995-1575
[email protected]

Jeff Annis, vice president
(507) 381-0633
[email protected]

Sheryl Olson, secretary
[email protected]

Noah Germo, treasurer
(507) 327-0993
[email protected]

Jacob Nienow
[email protected]

Mackenzie Drager
[email protected]

Alec Bair
[email protected]

Derek Moore
[email protected]

Lori Feldman
[email protected]

Non-Board Member Contacts

Larry Barrot, Youth Coordinator
(507) 340-5704

Jay Byram, Ice Maker
(507) 340-5704
[email protected]

Logan Krengel, Ice Maker
(507) 514-0150

Junior Rockers

The parent board for the Junior Rockers are:

Phil and Brooke Nienow
Stacy and Waylon Mattison
Nick and Tiffany Ward
Larry Barrot

Rocker Contact:

Nick Ward
[email protected]

Table & Chair Rental

Members may borrow tables and chairs from the club at no cost. However, it is very important that you reserve them in advance and/or check on their availability with club secretary Nicole Bangasser-Annis.

Unfortunately there have been occasions where someone has reserved tables, chairs, or both, in advance and found them missing on the day of. Please be courteous when borrowing club equipment. Thank you!

Facility Rental

The club (back room only or the entire club including ice) can be rented out for birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, showers, or any other special event. HCC members can be on hand to assist large groups of new curlers. Contact Larry Barrot at (507) 380-1614 for more details.