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A huge thank you to our Honorary or Life Members, too. You paved the way for the club, and without your efforts the club wouldn’t be what it is today!


John Morrow–1915
A. J. Ellis–1923
R. B. Hanna–1925
Wm. Morrow–1927
T. B. Taylor–1927
John Sutton–1948
Robert Bissell–1954
Howard Treanor–1966
Joseph McGuigin–1970
Harold Strobel–1970
Lawrence Barott–1978
James Howieson–1978
James Morris–1978
Ronald Lohberger–1981
Dale Duncanson–1984
Bruce McGregor–1985
Jack Will–1989
Clara Lohberger–1990
Everett Sharp–1991
Robert Starkey–1991
Bill Benson–1995
Curt Brundies–1995
Donna Jean Sharp–1996
Mary Duncanson–1996
Larry Barott–1999
Betty Minkel–1999
Wally Johnson–2002
Paul Knewtons–2005
Stan Solie–2008
Duncan McGregor–2013